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Selling your car couldn’t be any easier. Our procedure is so fast and reliable that the impact on your routine will be unnoticeable. Everything is worked completely around you and your schedule. We even come straight to your home or work place. All the paperwork is also taken care of, we will need to see some identification but besides that nothing but the vehicle and keys will be needed from you. We are experienced car buyers and we have followed our own process a million times, everything is made so subtle and laid back that you will really feel no pressure.

All our schemes involves is 3 simple steps –

The call – Calling is the first step and only step you will personally need to make; the rest is taken care of by us. It’s a very easy phone call; we will ask what is expected, such as the year and model of the car. We will ask you other simple things too, like the condition. It is very important for you to give us the correct information about the car so we can give you a guaranteed quote, but it will never be anything too complicated.

Consider our offer- Once you have given us all the relevant information, we will give you a fair quote. You can then take time to consider our offer, it is up to you whether you would like to hang up and call back when you’re ready or accept our offer there and then. There is no obligation to take the offer and if you need time to discuss with a partner, we fully understand.

Get your cash- If you have decided to take our fantastic offer then you’ll receive cash quickly. We can collect the car and pay cash within 48 hours. On the phone call we will have arranged an appointment around your schedule, to pick up the vehicle. When one of our friendly team members turns up we will check over the car, get you to sign a few forms (and prove who you are), then swap the keys for cash. We’ll drive or tow the car away and then recycle or re-use it.

We promise all of our customers a fast and efficient sale, our company is very trusted in the local community and you will only deal with one kind and humble co-worker. If you wish to take advantage of our trustworthy service, then follow the instructions above.

Glowing Reviews From Our Customers

Cash for cars New York provided a quick service. They paid me cash for my car and all around I can say they do an excellent job. If you're contemplating selling an automobile consider trying these guys.

Best of luck | Stephanie L.

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