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We Buy Cars

We are the best at buying cars, and are purely because of the range of vehicles we can buy and who we buy from. We have barely any limits or restrictions, we just like to buy, buy, buy, and pay the customers of New York what they deserve!

The reason we’re able to buy so many cars, even ones that are in poor condition, is because of the amount we buy and recycle. The stream of vehicles from the local people allows us to just keep buying and pleasing everyone, with our extremely fair price. That’s also why we’re able to buy all different kinds of cars. We not only buy cars but also vans, SUV’s, crossovers, collector cars, foreign vehicles (including right hand drive), trucks, novelty vehicles… Any model vehicle you can think we will buy.

Things like the age or condition of the vehicle doesn’t bother us so much either. Our company buys cars as old as 15 years old and sometimes even older. We’ll buy cars riddled with rust, covered in scuffs and scratches, faulty or no engine, dented cars, vehicles with missing parts, pristine condition cars. In every condition, every model, any age, we will buy your car!

The busy people of New York come from all walks of life and we don’t restrict anyone from selling to us. We even buy from cab drivers! Small companies often sell to us; it’s usually because their cars are seen as unsellable. Hotels, restaurants, small couriers etc. find it difficult to sell their worn out vehicles, for that simple fact, that they’re seen as over used. Also people don’t want to buy vehicles that are seen publicly, not to mention the labels of the companies on the cars. But none of these issues bother us. Another one of our regulars is the local collectors. On the average market collectors cars are just seen as old and lethal to the environment. Again this doesn’t bother us. Just give us a call and we’ll see what we can offer you!

Our company is built around the convenience of our customers and one main thing our customers demand is speed! We can buy your vehicle and pay you cash within a 48 hour period, it’s simply impossible to get speeds like that elsewhere! So call us for our quick and efficient service.

Glowing Reviews From Our Customers

Cash for cars New York provided a quick service. They paid me cash for my car and all around I can say they do an excellent job. If you're contemplating selling an automobile consider trying these guys.

Best of luck | Stephanie L.

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