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As a Cash for Car Company we buy every car, in any condition, even junk vehicles. The main reason our company was created was to give sellers an environmentally friendly way to scrap their cars, instead of using landfills. The obvious devastation that landfills cause is eventually coming to light. People are now realizing that we need to find a better way to recycle and re-use, instead of decomposing materials and creating enormous harm to the atmosphere. Our company has gradually boosted with used and junk vehicles that the local people no longer want. This is good not only for us but for the people of New York too. Recycling not only uses a lot less energy but it also reduces the cost of all the materials used in vehicles. We also re-use, which means the usable parts taken from junk vehicles can be bought to fix newer cars.

Junk vehicles are hard to identify, especially from your own point of view. You can get emotionally attached to a vehicle, so from your opinion it isn’t seen as scrap. To a professional your car will be seen differently, and we will judge the vehicle on the facts of what is classed as junk. Although it hugely depends on the amount it has been maintained and whether it is a collector’s car but here are some pointers to help you figure it out.

A car is seen as junk if –

  • It is 15 years or older
  • It has over 150,000 miles on the clock
  • It has severe damage to the interior or exterior
  • It is a non-runner
  • It’s not worth the repairs
  • It has a faulty or unreliable engine
  • It has extensive rust
  • It’s been involved in an accident

If your car has been involved in an accident your insurance company will offer you a price, usually as the car is a wreck it is low. A lot of people accept this offer as they’re unsure of the worth of the vehicle, so they just accept the first quote. It’s good to find out what we can offer you first, as 9 times out of 10 we quote a much fairer price. Even if your car is a wreck and it doesn’t drive, we charge nothing for our service; we do everything for you and pay you. We even collect the car for free and if it is a non-runner, we will tow as part of the service, with absolutely no charge!

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Cash for cars New York provided a quick service. They paid me cash for my car and all around I can say they do an excellent job. If you're contemplating selling an automobile consider trying these guys.

Best of luck | Stephanie L.

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